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Want Consumers To Recall Your Brand? Try This.

Help consumers to recall the visual/image elements of your brand in advertisements containing video content.

Even if they're not paying attention!

If you've read my article on the 2 Things You Need To Know About Audio Branding, this secret ingredient will not come as a surprise: it's MUSIC.

Let's dive right into the science.

A study by a team of British Scientists sought to test how well participants remembered certain elements of ads played in low-focus conditions (interstitial / commercial break) and with 4 different "Music Conditions" featuring a number of music/non music combinations.

They found that music played a significant role in helping participants to recall images from the advertisement.

When participants were played a 5-second fragment of music from the advert, and then presented a list of 6 images to choose from, participants in the "Jingle" condition correctly chose the advert-related image more than 55% of the time, versus just about 10% in the "FX + VO" condition.

A surprising result of this experiment was that the inclusion of VO in the "Music + VO" condition resulted in ~10% worse recall than music alone.

However, bear in mind that these results pertain specifically to implicit recall of images only. VO can be very useful in most other cases.

RESULT: Jingles Facilitate Image Recall 450% More Than No Music

At this point I'd like to remind the reader that the effects of music on our neurophysiology are multifaceted.

Facilitating image recall is not a guarantee that your brand will be liked or associated with the brand values that you hope to convey.

In fact, persistent recall resulting in familiarity can shift our brain response from cognitive to emotional, which is basically irreversible.

So take care to do the research beforehand!

Read my previous article to get a clearer picture of some of these details, or get in touch to learn more!



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