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Guiding you to the musical aesthetic that captures your vision

Why Music Supervision?


Lack of music direction creates pipeline inefficiency and jeopardizes deadlines.

Game developers frequently find the development of a supportive musical aesthetic to be difficult. As the task gets fragmented and delayed, this leads to a lack of focused direction later in the pipeline, resulting in iterations that waste time and money.


Music prototyping: a musical aesthetic framework.

By leveraging technology and trained ears, we can provide developers with curated choices from thousands of tracks available all over the internet, to create a definitive and organized musical aesthetic based on references that, if desired, we can also compose original works to match with: an end-to-end service with elegant project management.


During this time, we also evaluate the scale of the work and can help to economize your asset requirements so that you reap the benefits of a strong audio aesthetic without significantly increasing your operating costs.


With a solidly organized musical vision, your composer of choice will be able to jump right in and know exactly what you are looking for. The music composition process becomes clear, quick, painless, and you end up with a better product.

End-To-End Service

Strategy Consultation, Design, Creation

We have more than 30 combined years as successful audio professionals and have worked with major developers and brands, creating music in every genre possible or inventing new genres when they are called for.


We know the principles of matching the right kind of music to games and we promise to bring that expertise to your projects. 

Common pitfalls of games with a lack of adequately focused music direction:

  • A musical aesthetic that is inappropriate for the game experience. This can be disastrous as it makes the game sound "cheap".

  • Inconsistent audio "world" across levels/stages, breaking player immersion or drawing unnecessary attention to the score.

  • Sound effects and in-game music in different keys, resulting in clashing audio and breaking player immersion.

  • Difficult communication with contractors hired to create original music for the game - higher number of revisions, wastage of work hours, sometimes a change in scope. We have been hired to replace entire scores before.

  • (In Mobile) Using music that players prefer to turn off, essentially negating the point of the investment in an original score.


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