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Guiding you to the musical aesthetic that captures your vision

Workflow Stages

wherever you are, we can jump right in

STAGE 1: Big Picture

no musical direction at all and you need to come up with one from scratch

  1. We examine your current design documents and assets.

  2. We come up with recommendations based on anything from popular culture tropes to historical and geographical settings to create a detailed "big picture" musical design strategy based on your game type, mechanics, and other factors.

  3. In our strategy, we include reference tracks and specific musical language that will allow you to very quickly and accurately convey your basic ideas to a contract composer.

STAGE 2: Blueprint

you have a general idea of the musical "world" but have few details on specific moments and levels

  1. We examine your musical design strategy, which should also include level/stage information, character backgrounds, a script/narrative design document.

  2. We advise on where, what length, and what types of music should be placed (including musical stingers and underscoring for cutscenes), including notes on factors such as emotional content and brand awareness. We make recommendations on whether only simple triggered loops are necessary, or interactive layered/branching music is required.

  3. This will constitute a musical aesthetic blueprint.

  4. All recommendations will be accompanied by style reference tracks sourced from production music libraries, as well as specific musical language that will facilitate communication with a contract composer.

STAGE 3: Execution

you know exactly what you want, but not how to get it.

  1. You tell us your detailed vision, and we take the ideas into production.

  2. You're ready to explore Budget Options (click to see more)!


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