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We Should All Be Neuroscientists.

What Happens Before These Subconscious Predictors?

Emotional Responses - the "subconscious of the subconscious".

Neuroscientists have detected activity in the amygdala demonstrating that emotions are triggered just 74 milliseconds post-stimulus.

That's 0.074 seconds: Half the time it takes you to blink.

Music -> Emotions -> Subconscious -> Behavior -> Goal

Familiar Music triggers Emotions, which activate relevant areas of our Subconscious.

This eventually manifests in Behavior that may help us to achieve a specific Goal.

Working backwards through this chain is necessary to develop a targeted music strategy.

The Problem

95% of our cognition occurs in the subconscious mind. But we largely focus on the remaining 5% and fail to take into account the bulk of what makes us human.

The Answer

Music is not the elixir. We need to prioritize the invisible machinery of our humanity.

The beauty and strength of our connections with each other lies in the intricacy of the evolutionary systems we have developed to thrive in our world over millennia.

We are only just beginning to understand them.



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