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Guiding you to the musical aesthetic that captures your vision

What Is Music Supervision?

Music supervision and editing can help you to craft a "custom" sound by utilizing a wide selection of ready-made, broadcast-quality tracks that you can edit to your liking.


We are partnered with libraries that have provided tracks used on productions by CNN, HBO, NBC, VICE, and so on.


This allows you to iterate rapidly, with impressive variety, and produce creative content on a high level with predictable cost and turnaround.

David Ortega, Xiao'an Li, Music Supervision, Audio Branding, Li & Ortega

Why Don't I Just Do It Myself?

David Ortega, Xiao'an Li, Music Supervision, Audio Branding, Li & Ortega

You certainly could, and there is nothing at all wrong with that. Some people make their own logos or even create all their ad campaigns internally!

Here's how we can be of value to you:

We maintain relationships with a variety of music libraries, production houses, and other musical resources that allow us to draw from a global talent pool, to give you fresh options!

We've creating custom scores from scratch for a variety of industries - this gives us the ability to quickly know what works for a project, down to the foundational musical elements.

Our knowledge of licensing possibilities allows us to craft customized solutions suited to the scope of your production while keeping costs from skyrocketing.


We keep up with the latest musical trends, partner with analytics companies to lend a little science to your creative choices (if desired), and have the experience and taste to pull all these disparate elements together into a cohesive branded vision.





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