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What Is Music Supervision, Anyway?

Hey there! Xiao'an here. I'm glad you asked.


Music Supervision is the task of working with the overall creative leader of a project to help them create and realize the musical aesthetic of the final product. (a helpful Wikipedia article)


This may include sourcing talent and/or audio assets, briefing contractors, and ensuring stylistic consistency throughout.

Why Do I Need A Music Supervisor?

Great question!


If you need music, this applies to you.


Music is a large field of expertise on its own, and communicating with composers about your vision can often require knowledge of specific instruments, terminologies, and a network of professionals to call upon to execute said vision on time and under budget.

And speaking of budgets, having a music supervisor on hand in pre-production can certainly help you to estimate costs and allocate resources more accurately and effectively.
Most importantly, a music supervisor who understands the goals of your product can work with you toward developing a musical aesthetic that is strategically designed to achieve those goals!

The most pressing issue facing developers today in a cluttered mobile games market is retaining and monetizing users successfully.

We use music to augment the brain's pleasure responses, making your games enjoyable, addictive, and commercially successful. 

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