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Guiding you to the musical aesthetic that captures your vision

What We Can Do For You

Business Discovery

We can help you decide where a targeted use of audio may be useful to your company. We learn everything about your business, including your desired audience, brand message, current marketing strategy, and mapping out a blueprint of where audio can be integrated to support your goals, including any technological considerations.

Creative Production

Drawing on in-house talent, and a global network of contract creative and audio professionals, we act on your strategy or the strategy we've collaboratively created to bring ideas into reality. From obscure ethnic instruments to full-size orchestras; from analog synthesizers to the latest in interactive 360° spatial audio technology, no vision is beyond us.

Music Supervision

If you have a video production, web series, or any other sort of production that requires music curation or editing, we can help you to develop and maintain a consistent audio aesthetic. This service includes sourcing existing library music or commissioning new pieces from our database of composers to be used in your project.


We have teamed up with audio-focused data collection and analytics agencies to test the impact and potential of creative choices in different worldwide markets and platforms. The overarching effectiveness of a campaign can be greatly enhanced by a pre-emptive understanding of possible audience response.

One-Stop Marketing Support

While audio is undoubtedly powerful, it rarely exists on its own - it is usually part of a larger marketing strategy that includes various other forms of media. As our approach is holistic, we also have talent on hand to provide additional support in social media growth hacking, copywriting, design, and even web design tailored to support your strategy.

If you want to create a suite of assets for use in your marketing efforts, such as an animated logo with sound, introductions and transitions for your podcasts, or perhaps even a signature piece of music for your platform, we can help you to design branding material that delivers your message.

Stop Missing Out!

The fact is, audio branding is everywhere in some shape or form, and not just on TV and the Radio! 


It exists in software and hardware - When you start up your Macbook, when you get a call from Mom on Skype, whenever you got a call on your Nokia phone.


It exists to create an emotional connection between you and your favorite characters in movies (R2D2, Wall-E etc).

It exists in the distinctive voices of the virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri that we could probably all identify in a second.

Wouldn't it be great if people could identify your business in a second?





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