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Well-written music augments the neural risk-and-reward response that makes a game enjoyable and commercially successful, and creates an positive emotional product association in consumers that is invaluable in the branding of any commercial product.


Our clients know this.


For years, top game developers and creative houses have trusted us to provide their global smash hits with world class audio. Our vast network of global audio professionals can be mobilized quickly and managed seamlessly effectively to strategize, conceptualize, and produce the music and sounds that convey the stories that our clients hire us to tell.

Efficient & Reliable

"Xiao'an is a good man in the trenches! He's a fine composer, and he turns things around faster than anyone I've ever seen."

Dave Grossman, Game Designer (Lucasarts, Telltale Games)

"All the projects had large volumes and tight deadlines, but David always managed to deliver high quality music on time. Also, he is very organized, and checked in with me almost everyday which made my life 100 times easier. "

Elena Macomber, Producer, Ubisoft

Versatile & Impactful

"A one-stop shop for everything from silly jingles to full-on orchestral scores; Xiao'an's first project was above and beyond, and he’s been on the top of our list ever since!"

Mike Murray, Senior Audio Producer, American Greetings Corporation

"I contracted David to create music for several games I produced at THQ. Some of his music is dark and urban, and other pieces were so sweet and childlike, they made me cry. I can't recommend him highly enough!"

Carolina Beroza Barnes, Executive Producer, Digital Dream Forge (THQ, Knowledge Adventure)

Effective & Catchy

"Xiao'an truly understands how music works for games as an entertainment medium. His expertise shows as he asks the right questions in advance to ensure that he hits the mark, and he always comes through with spectacular results."

Jonathon Myers, CEO, Earplay (ex Zynga, Owlchemy Labs, Disruptor Beam)

"We knew we had a hit on our hands when everyone in the office continued to whistle the Swampy theme song. Without a doubt, I will work with David again and again."

Valerie Shavers, Producer, Disney Interactive

Invaluable & Inspiring

"On Futurama: Game of Drones, one of our key projects, Xiao’an quickly and professionally delivered short music pieces that integrated seamlessly into the game. Xiao’an would be an invaluable asset to any other games company looking for world-class music .

Steven Gilmore, Head of HR, Wooga

David has given a voice to characters and artwork I've helped create for many years now, and there isn't a musician or audio expert I trust more nor want to work with more. His audio experience and natural leadership abilities are a winning combination and an inspiration to any team who partners with him!

Joe Vance, Senior Director of Character Art, DreamWorks Animation

Other Testimonials

"has a knack for communicating and making the asset creation process very streamlined with little to no fuss."

Adam Gubman - Moonwalk Audio

"provided above and beyond on requests with a great attitude and team spirit"

John Santos - Producto Studios

"he exhibited great technical knowledge, as well as a wonderful creative, age-appropriate sensibility."

Elle Przybyla -Scholastic

"an incredibly talented, passionate composer ... His compositions are memorable and inspired."

Law Jackson -Kinetic Text

"without a doubt one of the most creative people I've ever worked with."

James Phillipsen - Nintendo

"a technically capable, musically brilliant and original thinker who can deliver a fantastic soundtrack"

Beny Levy - Knowledge Advenutre

The Team

David Ortega, Xiao'an Li, Music Supervision, Audio Branding, Li & Ortega

Dr. David Ortega


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A critically acclaimed composer and producer, David has been active in the game industry for 26 years. He is continually sought out by world-class publishers such as DreamWorks, Ubisoft, and Disney for unique and genre-bending music.

David Ortega, Xiao'an Li, Music Supervision, Audio Branding, Li & Ortega
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Xiao'an Li


A rising force in music for media and business, Berklee graduate Xiao'an has written music for projects by Wooga, American Greetings, Hasbro, Playstudios, Mobilityware, and Earplay that spans a multitude of genres and instrumentations.


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